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Animals That Have Been Saved From Drains

Posted on March 14, 2014

When we think about the kind of things that are found in drains, we would tend to think of the usual household bathroom items that could find their way into our drainage systems such as; hair, grease, toothpaste and maybe the odd anomaly that accidentally falls into the toilet. But one of the most unlikely things of all that you would possibly think to find in drains are animals!

Storm drains are designed to drain away excess rain water when there have been heavy periods of rain, but sometimes they can prove to be a danger for animals. Surprisingly, animals do sometimes accidentally find their way into our drains where they become trapped and need the assistance of the emergency services to be rescued safely.


Tom Gross of York Police in the USA explains how he came to find 13 baby ducklings stuck in a storm drain in York Township. The incident was reported by local residents who noticed when the ducklings first became trapped along Knob Hill Lane, and it was Officer Andy Mallette who rushed to fetch a ladder from the police quarters, so his colleague Sargent Jeffry Dunbar could make the brave, decent down into the 199 ft. deep drain to come to the ducklings rescue.

Once all 13 ducklings were saved and on safe land again, they soon waddled off to their mother who had been waiting anxiously by the side for them and was happy to be reunited with her babies.


Firefighters were called to Pembroke Park to rescue a tiny, grey kitten that had, like the ducklings, fallen into the darkness of a storm drain.

The fearful kitten was caught up in the storm drain at Southwest 18th and 40th Avenue. Fortunately, a passer-by heard meowing noises coming up from the drain and managed to successfully flag down an engine.

The kitten was believed to be only weeks old but luckily escaped unharmed and made a full recovery.


Dallas Fire Rescue crews were called to the scene where three Labrador puppies, all from the same litter, were trapped in a storm drain, unable to break free.

It is believed the puppies were stuck there for nine days before local school teacher located their cries and made the lifesaving call to the Dallas Animal Control Officers.

Officers has been sent to the scene before but couldn’t locate the puppies. The second time they went, they located them and lured them out by tempting them with food into the safety of a cage.

Now the puppies have been nursed back to full health, they are up for adoption and are looking forward to settling into their new homes.

Animal services have stated that it is not totally uncommon for small animals to take shelter in storm drains, with the majority being able to get out on their own accord. However, there are always the odd few who come into trouble and need a helping hand breaking free.

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