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The Benefits of Recycling Your Animal Waste

Posted on March 29, 2019

Animal waste comes from a variety of sources including livestock, dairy production, and poultry. It can also be generated from the production of meat processing and fish farming. This waste is a concern to the environment, as it is organic matter which contains diseases that contaminate and pollute drinking water – causing illnesses which are potentially fatal for humans and destroy ecosystems in natural habitats. Here we will look at why we should recycle our animal waste, along with the best methods and uses.


Efficient use of resources

Studies show that the key to sustainable farming is recycling animal waste. Animal waste contains high amounts of fibre, which can be used for making a number of products such as plant pots, paper, and building materials. By reusing the animal waste, you are preventing it from entering the environment and polluting it – whilst saving other materials (such as non-biodegradable plastic) being produced for making those products.

With climate change becoming more prominent in the news, and predicted water shortages in the near future, it is important we start looking at ways to save water and energy within our agriculture industry. Although the pay-out for a fully comprehensive system may seem expensive, the long-term savings are invaluable to a business. By using and reusing the animal waste for fertilising (instead of using synthetic fertiliser), we can reduce the amount of ammonia gas released into the atmosphere and generate less nitrogen runoff. Using animal waste also provides better storage of carbon in the soil, so less carbon is released into the atmosphere.

On a domestic scale, you can use the waste from dogs and other pets to fertilise your own garden. All you need is an old bin with a lid, where you place the waste in it and mix it with grass clippings and other dirt to ensure there’s no odour and a faster composting system. By doing this, you are not only keeping this kind of waste out of the landfill (along with the plastic you put it in), you are also creating your own fertiliser which you can use or give away to others who may want it.

Improvement in air quality

Animal waste which is left sitting in a place for a long amount of time, starts to decompose and decay, releasing gases like ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. For farmers who work closely with manure, this may have long term effects on their health – such as dizziness, eye irritation, and coughing. By immediately removing the waste and recycling it, you’ll be able to remove the risk of any health hazards.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive farm slurry system to be installed on your farm, then we can help you install it and create a more efficient farming business, to save you money long term. Our system uses advanced technology to break down and recycle your agricultural waste from unusable organic matter, such as used water or hay, into fertiliser that be reused on the land to help your crops grow to their potential.


Wildon UK are experts in waste water solutions and drainage systems. Our team of experienced professionals offer a variety of services, from installations to maintenance and repair work on a wide selection of systems. For more information, get in contact with us today!

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