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How Close Can a Septic Tank Be To a House?

Posted on March 5, 2021

Thinking of installing a septic tank for your property but not sure how far from your house it needs to be? Fear not, because this month we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about how close a septic tank can be in relation to your home.

We’ll tackle other important distances, as well as providing information on whether you need to obtain planning permission for your septic tank, too. This will allow you to invest in the right sewage treatment solution for your property with full confidence.

The regulations set out in law are there to ensure that your property, surrounding property and the general environment is kept safe. Septic tanks are used to dispose of your wastewater, soaking back into the environment after treatment, which can be good for the environment, but it has to be done safely.

How far does a septic tank need to be from my house?

You must have 7 metres of distance between your home and your septic tank. This should also include 15 metres of distances from other habitable buildings if the water is going to a drainage field. It’s also recommended that your septic tank be located within 30 metres of an access point to allow for your tank to be easily emptied when required.

How far does a septic tank need to be from a watercourse?

Your septic tank, when draining into a drainage field, should be positioned at least 10 metres from any watercourse.

Importantly, your septic tank should be at least 50 metres from a water supply – including wells – so that your effluent water does not contaminate and pollute this water.

How far does a septic tank need to be from a tree?

When considering a septic tank, you need to factor in any nearby trees. Your septic tank should be placed 5 metres from any tree. This is to protect your tank from the ingress of any tree roots which could damage the tank and cause a leakage which would lead to environmental damage to the surrounding ground. You should also consider leaving extra room if you have a tree that you know will grow a lot in the coming years.

How far does a septic tank need to be from a fence or hedge?

Much like with trees, roots from hedges could cause issues in the future, so you should keep a distance of 5 metres between them.

For fences, to avoid penetrating the septic tank when installing or removing fencing in future, keep a 5-metre distance. Legally you should ensure that your septic tank is 15 metres away from another property which will help you avoid placing a tank too close to any fencing.

Do I need planning permission for a septic tank?

The short answer is yes.

Since there are all of the distances you must adhere to that we’ve indicated in this article, you must apply for planning permission with your local authority to ensure you’re acting in accordance with the law. Be sure to contact your local council to see if there are any additional permissions or licenses required for your area specifically.

Because of the impact your septic tank could have on the surrounding area, the Environment Agency could hand out sanctions if you’re creating a hazard by not sticking to the law.

If you’re thinking about installing a new septic tank and need advice, or you simply require repairs and maintenance for your existing tank, look no further than Wildon UK. We offer expert services for Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and the whole of the UK to help you create an eco-friendly way of disposing of your waste. Contact us today for more details or for professional advice and guidance on septic tanks.



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