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My Water Supply Has Stopped Working?

Posted on July 10, 2016

If the water in your home or business suddenly stops working, whether it’s from frozen pipes, a leak, contaminated or dirty looking water or a burst pipe, it can be very disruptive to day-to-day life and a very stressful situation to deal with. If you’re unsure what to do if your water supply stops working, Wildon UK are here to help.

Here we’ve put together an outline of the steps you should take to deal with an interrupted water supply:

Contact your water supplier

The first step you should take if you encounter a problem with your water supply is to contact your water supplier and arrange a call-out. It could be that a burst pipe in your local area has resulted in very low water pressure that is preventing water from flowing properly in the affected areas, or if your water is contaminated, it could be a sewage leakage issue or river contamination. These sorts of problems can be widespread, so informing your water supplier is the quickest way to remedy the issue, but be warned that there may be a waiting time for a call-out as the plumbers attempt to source the problem.

Turn off your stop tap

If you’re dealing with a burst pipe in your home, locating and turning off your water supply will save your home from water damage – this is also a good step to take if the water supply to your home or business is contaminated and you want to ensure no one mistakenly consumes it. The stop tap is normally located under the kitchen sink and simply requires the handle to be turned to stop the water flow to your property.

Get an emergency water supply together

Your water may be off for quite a while until the problem is dealt with. If this is the case, you need to ensure you have enough water stored to allow you to drink, bathe, cook and clean with for a few days. A gallon of water for every person in the property per day, plus a few gallons extra for other tasks should suffice. We’d recommend you buy filtered bottled water so that you know it is safe to consume.

Ensure your water is safe to drink

If you’re dealing with a contaminated water supply, you need to take steps to make your water safe to drink. Usually boiling the water before use will be enough, but if you’re dealing with a chemical contamination, the water could be toxic and therefore simply boiling it won’t suffice. In this case, you should look for alternate water supplies.

Boiling your water will remove all parasites and viruses and make it safe to drink, but if the water is cloudy and off putting, filtering it through a coffee filter or some kitchen roll should help make the water look more palatable.

Prepare to evacuate

It is very rare for a property to need to be evacuated due to an issue with water supply, but it does happen. If you’re dealing with a serious issue that might force you to leave your premises, ensure you are ready. Turn off the gas and electricity supplies, as well as the water if you haven’t already, and if possible drain your pipes and toilets. It is also advisable to take a supply of drinkable water with you too.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if you suspect that your plumbing isn’t running as it should be, contact a professional service to check on your plumbing.

Wildon UK have 20 years’ experience in the wastewater industry and carry out a range of installations and repairs to domestic and commercial clientele across Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the wider UK. We have expertise in all spectrums of the industry including drainage and sewage treatment, so get in contact today if you require professional assistance.

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