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Products that can Help you Save Water

Posted on March 27, 2015

As the world population increases, the need to preserve our natural resources becomes ever more pressing. The good news is that cutting down on the water you use doesn’t have to affect your lifestyle, better still you could substantially reduce your energy bills by making one or two small changes.

Water butt kit

Most water butts have a reservoir of between 100 and 210 litres of rainwater, this can provide much of the water needed to nourish plants and top up garden ponds as temperatures rise. This not only saves money on having to use a mains supply, but means you won’t be affected by hosepipe bans which often come into effect in the summer months. A water butt and the corresponding kit is very easy to attach to a section of your home or an outbuilding. Anywhere that is served by a gutter and a drainpipe is suitable, because this is the supply which you will use to channel water into the butt.

Fit aerators to your taps

Tap aerators are easy to fit devices which are positioned at the bottom of a tap and reduce the amount of water flow. As the aerator forces air into the water, the tap maintains a normal amount of pressure. The idea is comparable to a sieve, where a single stream of water is divided into much smaller jets. You’ll soon feel the financial benefits if your house is on a meter, however, as the flow of hot water will also be reduced, it’s likely your heating bill will fall too.

Put a hippo in your tank

For a simple and very effective solution to the problem of waste water in the bathroom, try placing a Hippo the Water Saver bag in your cistern. The Hippo is a simple bag which acts to displace the water, meaning that with every flush around 3 litres of water are saved. It has two small holes at either side so the water it contains can flow out rather than becoming stagnant. There are two types of Hippo bag, one that works with toilets of around 9 litres which were installed before 1991 and another smaller bag. This is appropriate for younger toilets which usually have a volume of 6, 7 or 8 litres.

Rid your pipes of lime scale

An electric lime scale remover is an effective tool in descaling the pipes in your home and keeping them clear. Limescale is a solid chalky film that settles on everything from washing machines to water pipes, most commonly in hard water areas. It eventually clogs up the water supply, meaning devices have to work extra hard, using more energy and water as they do so. Once the electric lime scale remover is installed it runs continuously, passing a small current through the pipe work which breaks up any lime crystals and enables them to be flushed out for good.

At Wildon we supply a range of clean water pumps that can be used to extract water from a room, drain or other area that has become flooded. With our far reaching market experience we can listen to your needs and then suggest the best product for you. If you’d like to discuss our services, or any of the products we offer, just give us a call.

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