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Unusual causes for blocked drains

Posted on August 30, 2017

A blocked drain is a domestic annoyance at best. For the most part, these blockages are caused by baby wipes, hair, cooking fat, nappies and other such items which are often misguidedly allowed down the plughole or flushed down the toilet. Many people would probably guess that these items are routinely encountered by our professionals, however, there are some more unusual repeated offenders of blockages that cause homeowners grief too. Although not as peculiar as some of these things found in the sewer network, these are certainly items in your drains that would cause a raised eyebrow or two.

Toy bears in play room


It’s surprisingly common to find toys stuck in a drain and causing a blockage. If your kid has a moment of carelessness or they’re just curious to see what happens, it’s all too easy for a toy to get flushed away. Whether it’s army men, lego, figurines or even a stuffed animal, all too many toys have found themselves on unfortunate misadventures in the drains. With the average wastewater pipe being no more than 4 inches wide, even a small toy can cause a big grievance if it gets stuck in your drains!


If you pour leftover cement down the drain it is inevitable that it will harden and end up causing a blockage somewhere down the line. Unfortunately, cement blockages are not easy to clear and usually result in replacement pipework being necessary. Even diluted cement can solidify, so unless you want to block off an unused drain outlet, dispose of your leftover cement elsewhere! Ideally, you should pour out the remaining mix into an empty cardboard box or plastic bag, leave it to solidify and then throw it out with the rubbish.

False teeth

Dentures are an oddly frequent find in a drainage system and, due to their rigidity, they can often get stuck in pipework and cause blockages. One explanation could be that false teeth are finding their way down uncovered drains after being knocked off the edge of the sink. In this case, making sure your plughole has a suitable cover could help prevent any such accidents.

A few years ago, Severn Trent Water had picked out so many dentures from their systems that they even set up a campaign to try and return the teeth to their rightful owners.

Stolen goods

Surprisingly, it seems some criminals actually do try to flush away incriminating evidence. Presumably as a last resort, items such as stolen credit cards and jewellery have found their way into drainage systems and been subsequently identified by police.

Cat litterCat Posing

Clearing out and disposing of litter tray waste is a task no one enjoys. However, it must be done and there aren’t any easy quick fixes. For those who try to just flush or pour away the waste, there can be the nasty consequence of a blocked drain. Drains aren’t meant to deal with cat litter as the substance ends up clumping into a mass which can block your wastewater pipework. Litter belongs in the rubbish only, not in your plumbing!

If you ever encounter a blocked drain or other drainage issues at your property in Staffordshire or further afield, Wildon UK are here to help. Our professional engineers have experience in dealing with a wide range of drainage and sewage treatment problems and are sure to be able to identify and rectify any issues quickly and effectively. Get in touch with our helpful team for further information.

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