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Which Country has the Cleanest Tap Water?

Posted on January 31, 2016

In a number of countries around the world, people are not able to drink water from taps, instead having to opt for bottled mineral water. Indeed, tourists heading to places such as Spain and Greece know to avoid tap water at all costs. There are, however, many countries where it is possible to drink from the tap, and here we list some of the countries which have the cleanest tap water:

1) Switzerland

Switzerland are extremely proud of their drinking water, providing the best quality of drinking water to their citizens out of all other countries in Europe and across the globe. The department of water resources within Switzerland takes a number of measures to ensure drinking water is provided to all without polluting the water resources or, indeed, the environment itself. Even though it is of immensely high quality, the price of this tap water is almost 500 times cheaper than the price of bottled mineral water; something the Swiss can be really proud of and lucky to be a part of.

2) Norway

Providing the second best quality of tap water to its citizens, Norway treats its water systems carefully to ensure the provision of only the purest, more delicious, clean and safe drinking water. There are special programs in place which ensure the protection of groundwater as well as other water systems present within the country, which include regular checks being conducted to corroborate the quality of the drinking water.

3) Luxembourg

With almost 71 springs which act as a fantastic source of water for the country, 38 of which are used for obtaining drinking water, Luxembourg citizens benefit from water that is treated rigorously within highly advanced treatment plants before it can be used as drinking water. With the plants’ ultrafiltration systems, the water in Luxembourg is rated the third cleanest in the world.

4) France

France’s private sector plays a large part in the maintenance of sanitation and water supply to their running water supplies. The tap water contains extremely low levels of bacteria, making France a great place to live for truly clean, sanitary drinking water.

5) Austria

Tap water in Austria comes from either groundwater or spring water. In order to protect these water resources, the country formulated the Austrian Water Act, which states that 90% of the Austrian population benefit from the drinking water supplied through water supply facilities, making the supply of high quality drinking water mandatory in accordance with Austrian laws.

6) Italy

In Italy, the tap water provided is of only the highest purity standards, so much so that sometimes it is even compared to bottled water available to buy in shops. Regular tests are carried out by the government to ensure the quality of the water based on hardness, pH levels, dry solids at 180 degrees, fluoride, sodium, chlorides and nitrite.

7) United Kingdom

Here in the UK, we are extremely lucky to benefit from an excellent standard of cleanliness and sanitation when it comes to our tap water. UK water suppliers ensure this high level of standards, with the water regulations here based upon the EU drinking water directive as well as adhering consistently to the advice of the World Health Organisation.

8) Sweden

There are two water treatment plants – situate in Norsborg and Lovo – which supply an exceptionally high standard of clean tap water to residents in the city of Stockholm, as well as the rest of the country. The plants use only the latest technologies in water treatment to ensure this unparalleled quality of cleanliness.

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