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Why it’s important to refurbish sewage treatment plants

Posted on June 24, 2019

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A sewage treatment plant is a premises where contaminants are removed from household sewage via physical, chemical, and biological processes so that the waste water is safe enough to release back into the environment. Sewage treatment plants are necessary to maintain basic hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases in society and therefore must be maintained to a high standard, over the years. A sewage treatment plant maintenance check must be carried out by a qualified person annually, who will check the following:

  • Pump pressure
  • Pump filters are replaced
  • Alarm is in working order
  • Functionality of air flow
  • Sludge return
  • Air diffuser
  • Tricel covers and locks
  • Manifold adjusted

Although, regular maintenance must be carried out by the homeowner, so you can detect any issues before the damage becomes worse. This just means checking the vents around the base of the blower and under the desludging cover so that they aren’t obstructed by rogue materials. We also recommend listening to the air blower for a humming noise to ensure it is on and maintaining the air flow.

Problems arising from neglected sewage treatment plants include:

  • Odour – If there is a continuous, unpleasant smell coming from the sewage treatment plant, then this is a sign something isn’t working properly. Ineffective pipework means the pipes will become blocked over time, will kill off the necessary bacteria needed to breakdown the raw sewage and prevent the required air flow from thoroughly doing its job.
  • Tripped pumps – Without the proper pumps in operation, the air flow will be interrupted and therefore, the biomass will die from a lack of oxygen. This means the waste matter wont be able to break down properly and will either become clogged in the system or raw sewage will be released back into the environment, causing a multitude of issues.
  • Blocked pipes – Pipes become blocked when the system is being overused, or is a build up of grease, fat and other non-biodegradable products that are being disposed of down toilets and sinks. Blocked pipes can cause toilets to overflow, gurgling drains, and wet, soft land around the plant.
  • Soaked land – Sewage that hasn’t been treated properly can leak out of the sewage treatment plant and will potentially damage the surrounding environment. Raw sewage can kill ecosystems operating in local lakes and ponds and cause potential harm to the health of people who come into contact with it. 

Our team of engineers are highly experienced in carrying out refurbishment programmes, encompassing servicing, repairs and upgrades. This will help extend the life of your sewage treatment plant and will be more cost efficient than fixing damage that occurs over time. 


The team at Wildon UK are experts in sewage treatment and drainage solutions and can advise you on sewage treatment plant refurbishments as well as anything else sewage related! For more information on our products and services, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today!

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