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Why Should we Save Water?

Posted on October 30, 2015

It is common knowledge that water is a valuable commodity which should not be taken for granted, though many of us often do. With more and more environmental concerns sweeping the globe along with an ever-growing population, however, it is time to take a proper look at some of the reasons why we should do all we can to conserve water as and when we can. With only 3% of the world’s water being fresh, and only 1% of this available for human use, we are at serious risk of water shortages. To quantify this, for every 100 litres of water, the world’s population only have half a tablespoon’s worth available for their safe use and consumption.

Here, we list some of the main reasons why we should be careful to save water wherever we can.

Water conservation saves energy

To pump water from a central facility to your premises, whether it be domestic, commercial or industrial, a certain amount of energy is required. Studies have shown that the energy required to move water about makes up for a serious percentage of total energy use at a number of properties, with one example of a figure being a whopping 6.5 per cent of all energy consumed in California. Through saving water, therefore, you will also be making massive savings on energy which in turn will reduce your carbon footprint; a beneficial impact for your area and country as a whole.

Saves money

Of course, with savings in water and subsequent energy comes the potential for huge monetary savings. Even the simplest water conservation techniques can reduce your water consumption by many thousands of gallons each year, which will make a noticeable difference to the amount you are paying both for water bills and energy bills on an annual basis.

Water is vital for human survival

The most apparent reason for the conservation of water is that it is a vital commodity in the survival of mankind. Humans need fresh water to survive, plain and simple. Without water, should there be a shortage in years to come, the world’s populations would be at serious risk.

Protection of our natural ecosystems

Looking further than simply our carbon footprints and our environment, we must examine the impact of clean water shortages on our natural ecosystems. Though oceans, lakes, rivers and streams may be vital to so many eco-systems, they are also some of the most heavily targeted areas when it comes to disposal of harmful waste. By conserving our water supplies with good practice, these ecosystems will not be so harmed by the many wasteful practices that are prevalent in today’s society.

No more sinkholes

For areas such as Florida, the risk of sinkholes is one that is prevalent and wrought with concern from local communities due to the havoc they can wreak on areas of land. Water shortages seriously increase the likelihood of sinkholes; yet more ammunition for communities around the globe to ensure they are mindful of the rate at which they are consuming water, as well as the amount they are wasting.

Here at Wildon UK, we know just how important water is to communities, which is why we are committed to the safe, reliable provision of water through effective, well-regulated drainage systems. If you are having difficulties with your drains or wastewater management systems, simply give us a call today. Our friendly team of highly trained engineers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide an emergency call out service with only the highest levels of expertise and the best standard of work, all at a price you can afford.

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