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Why you should consider getting a water butt

Posted on September 29, 2017

A water butt is an incredibly simple yet effective piece of garden equipment. Essentially, it is a large water container which catches and stores rainwater, which can then be used as and when you wish across your garden. Often, water butts will be connected to a drainpipe which channels roof runoff water; this allows rainwater from a large area to be collected into your water container. Water butts are a useful and eco-friendly addition to your garden and this month, we’ll be looking at some of their many advantages.

Save money

If you are on a water meter, then you are charged for all the water you use. Around 7% of household water consumption is used outdoors but with a water butt, this is unnecessary. By getting a water butt for your garden, you can collect rainwater for all your gardening needs and use it for free, unlike water from the mains. Installing a water butt can, therefore, save you money through being an easy and effective way to reduce your water bills.


Using rainwater instead of tap water is an environmentally friendly choice. Tap water has gone through the water treatment process to kill any undesirable bacteria present but, afterwards, this means chemicals such as chlorine and fluorine are found in the water. If used in your garden, tap water transfers these chemicals to the soil which, over time, can contribute to runoff pollution. Rainwater contains no such chemicals and is, therefore, a more eco-friendly source of water for use in your garden.

Better for plants

As well as being environmentally friendly, rainwater is also better for your plants. Water from your water butt will be free from the chemicals found in tap water and this natural rainwater is preferable for your plants. In fact, some plants – such as blueberries – won’t grow well if frequently watered with tap water.


Sometimes, using tap water for your garden just isn’t feasible. In summer months over the past few years there have been several hosepipe bans put in place across the UK due to the scarcity of water. In times of drought, a source of water which doesn’t rely on the mains – such as a water butt – can be invaluable for your garden.

If you have an allotment, a water butt can also be very useful. You may not be closeby to a mains source of water in which case your own water store can be very handy. You can easily connect guttering and drainpipes to an allotment shed, allowing you to collect rainwater from an improved surface area.

Variety of options

Some people are put off by the idea of installing a water butt in their garden because they think it won’t meet their needs, it’ll take up too much room or look unattractive. However, these days there is a wide variety of water butt styles to choose from, ranging from small (around 100 litres) ornamental tanks to huge (around 2000 litres) heavy duty stores. If style is a priority for you, water butts can be designed to look like wood, stone or large planters so as to blend into your garden’s landscape.

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