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The Benefits of Having a Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted on May 30, 2019

Many homeowners in rural areas are not connected to mains drainage and need a safe, reliable alternative. Water is becoming more and more sacred around the globe, including the UK, with limited supply due to pollution, droughts, and increased water demand. People are starting to explore how to recycle their water, and a domestic sewage system may be the perfect way to do it!

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How Do Domestic Sewage Tanks Work?

A sewage treatment plant creates an environment where bacteria is encouraged to grow and breakdown sewage in a non-polluting method. Nearly all sewage tanks use the same three stage system that treat the polluted sewage to produce clean water:

  1. The sewage enters the first chamber where the solids sink to the bottom and forms a sludge at the bottom of the chamber which is periodically removed by a tanker.  
  2. The remaining liquid moves forward to the biological treatment zone where air containing oxygen is introduced to the liquid. This encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria and allows them to breath. 
  3. The treated liquid moves into the final chamber where all biological material moves to the bottom of the tank ready for removal. The remaining clean water flows out of the chamber into bodies of surface water or other similar areas.

Some homeowners who aren’t able to connect to a mains sewerage need a domestic sewage plant installed, but are unsure of why they would need one. We’ve compiled a list of the advantages for having a domestic sewage treatment plant, this includes:

  • Environmentally friendly

    Using your own recycled water to water your own greenery will save gallons of water a week. There is currently a large amount of clean water being used for things that don’t need clean water, such as non-food gardening. By reusing your waste water, you’ll cut down on your water usage and reduce your carbon footprint.


  • Simple and easy installation

    Our team of experts here at Wildon UK are specialists when it comes to installation and maintenance of domestic sewage treatment plants. Installing a domestic sewage treatment plant is much easier than a septic plant and works at a much faster pace. Treated sewage released from a sewage treatment plant can be legally let go into surface waters, whereas septic plant discharge must be removed on an annual basis.


  • Reduces risk to health

    Domestic sewage treatment plants treat the water to a higher standard than septic tanks, meaning the risk to human health and environmental health is greatly reduced. Untreated water can carry life-threatening diseases, damaging wildlife and human health alike, which is why it’s so important to make sure your waste water is being disposed of correctly – for example by using a domestic sewage treatment plant.


  • Meets government emission standards

    All of our domestic sewage treatment plants are tested and certified to the highest European standards, ensuring you remain within the law and avoid hefty fines or damaging your surrounding environment. Using sub-par sewage treatment plants will only cause more problems in the long term, so we highly recommend using a trusted sewage solutions company to guarantee it will last decades.


The team at Wildon UK are experts in sewage treatment and drainage and can advise you on different potential systems or new parts. For more information on domestic sewage plant systems, contact a member of our experienced team today!

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    As wastewater specialists, we can design a system that is tailored around your individual needs.

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    Once a design has been created we will supply and install it safely at your premises.

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    We are on hand to carry out any maintenance duties to avoid unwanted problems in the future.

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    Our wastewater engineers are highly trained to perform any repairs necessary to keep your system working efficiently.

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