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How Does Drain Jetting Work?

Posted on June 13, 2013

Blocked drains and smelly sewers require a considerable amount of work to clean by hand. If you, like many people in the UK, don’t much fancy cleaning out your sewer pipes manually, there is another option. Drain jetting is a revolutionary approach which allows the user to give pipes and drains a thorough clean, all by operating a device from the mouth of the drain rather than digging elbow-deep in filthy sewer pipes and outlets.

What is drain jetting and how does it work?

Drain jetting involves highly pressurised water being forced through a nozzle at the end of a long hose, and the hose being inserted into a pipe. The nozzle’s holes are drilled at an angle pointing in the opposite direction to the direction of travel.

In this way, the hose is propelled through pipe when the water exits the nozzle at high pressure, thereby scouring the inside of the pipe and at the same time forcing the hose through the pipe. This procedure requires a powerful pump to eject the water through the nozzle at high pressure, as well as specialised protective equipment to guard against injury when using these machines.

Can I carry out high pressure drain jetting myself?

While it is true that the right equipment could enable you to carry out high pressure drain cleaning yourself, the expense of the machinery is prohibitive for most users who require this service only once every six months or less. The major deciding factor, though, is the safety of this process. High pressure drain cleaning involves a huge number of potential hazards.

Dangers associated with the process include the high pressure of the water jet itself breaking the skin, which can also resulting in particles from clothes or protective equipment being forced under the skin upon direct contact with the jet.  The dangers associated with the rapidly moving hose and reel are also of major concern to those considering investing in a drain jetting system.

It’s also important to realise that drain getting causes large amounts of debris and detritus to be ejected from the drain outlet or manhole, possibly leading to serious contamination or injury if not properly contained.

Professional drain jetting crews are well versed in these potential risks, and benefit from extensive training around the subjects of handling the heavy machinery involved, as well as containing and disposing of the dangerous materials which flow from the drain or sewage pipe during cleaning.

What types of jetting units are available?

Jetting units come in all shapes and sizes, though the most commonly used units for work in residential areas are mounted on the back of a truck for easy access, while still allowing high pressure to be maintained and a sufficient volume of water to clear blockages and other debris. Trolley-mounted high pressure drain jets are also available, but these are typically too cumbersome for domestic applications, and are instead reserved for industrial sites where quick deployment and intensive use are key.

If your pipes and drains are in need of a good clean out, you will likely benefit from the services of professional drainage contractors. You could do the work yourself, buy why take the risk when working with such dangerous equipment? Drain jetting is a quick and easy alternative to manually scouring drains, so it’s definitely worth a try if you find yourself with drains that are no longer able to cope, or sewage pipes that are far below the acceptable standard. If you find yourself with any pipe-related issues, consider having your drains jet cleaned!

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