` Drainage Around The World: Half of Delhi Lacks Proper Drainage System

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Drainage Around The World: Half of Delhi Lacks Proper Drainage System

Posted on June 27, 2014

46% of India’s capital city Delhi is home to nearly 4.5 million people. In such a crowded area, there is a need for certain systems to be put in place in order to avoid complete chaos and ruin.

One of the most important working systems that is vital to the health and well-being of Delhi’s population (or any population) is one that manages the disposal of waste. However, despite this need, Delhi has no current sewerage system in place, and without the help and resources from a professional drainage contractor, the situation could rapidly escalate and become one of concern and distress for many, unless someone steps up to the mark and takes charge of the current state.

Storm water going to waste

In this region of Delhi’s city, filth and dirt flows through the same drains that are designed to carry storm water. Due to the exposure to sewage, these drains are now covered in filth, violating all laws and potentially putting these regions of Delhi at greater risk of flooding.

The pollution of these drains has a wider detrimental effect on Delhi’s economy, as millions of litres of storm water are now going to waste, ruining the greenery and biodiversity of the capital.

In order to rectify this situation, around 9,500km of sewer lines are to be laid that will cost a huge Rs.19,500 crore! But even if the government commit to paying a more realistic Rs.1,000 crore a year, the whole project will take over twenty years to complete which is not ideal by a long way, as over this period they will face inflation in costs and an increased sewage pressure.

Delhi’s drainage plan

Professor A.K Gossain of IIT- Delhi is on the panel for the NGT case (National Green Tribunal) and is stepping up to the mark with true determination to challenge the government of Delhi. He is in the current process of preparing for a drainage plan for Dehli and explains that out first steps should be to make sure that the storm water drains are separated from those carrying sewage. Natural drains are designed to carry storm water only, but the mixture with sewage is resulting in its pollution, and will continue to do so unless they are entirely separated.

Another petitioner, Manoj Mistra is challenging the government and highlights that if the government can find Rs.80,000 crore to host the Commonwealth Games, then surely they can find Rs.20,000 crore in order to resolve the infrastructure of the capital city?

Mistra also proposes that the city should set a five-year plan in order to rectify this problem, therefore they will not be effected by rising costs or an increased sewage pressure and can make a difference to Delhi sooner rather than later.

With current fines failing to have any effect on preventing the soiling of storm water drains, the committee is urging government officials to quantify exactly what should be the penalty of this damaging pollution.

For now, the battle continues between committee petitioners and the Delhi governing body to install a reliable and functioning drainage system that will have lasting effects for the residents of India’s capital.

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