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What Happens To Homes When The Flood Water Drains Away?

Posted on April 4, 2014

Following the recent spate of bad weather and storms which have hit the UK, many people have had their homes and livelihoods destroyed by the torrential floods. Yet even when the rain has stopped and the flood water is drained away, the upset and disruption is not over. It is only once the water has disappeared that you can then see the real extent of the damage that has been done to your property and the numerous problems you may have on your hands, including those for your drains and plumbing!

In light of this, the team here at Wildon UK has drawn up a list of how you can fix most of the common problems you may have encountered from the floods, so you can get back on the straight and narrow as soon as possible.

1.  Plumbing

Generally speaking, drains and sewers are rarely damaged from flooding, but they can ‘back-up’ or become blocked which can cause further flooding and damages within the home. In this instance, it will require the help from professional drainage contractors to use their specialist equipment to perform drain jetting which will clear the blockage and get your drains back to full working order.

 2.  Septic Tanks

In the event of flooding, a sceptic tank can behave as if it were full and in need of pumping out. However, the only way this can be rectified is by a full visual inspection of the inside of the septic tank and then by the process of elimination from a professional drainage contractor in terms of faults.

3.  Walls

Concrete walls or traditional brick will eventually dry out. However, it can take many months to fully dry out and  any cracks or cavities in the walls will need to be rectified, but this will need to be carried out by an expert who will know the signs and can remove them straight away as soon as they are discovered.

4.  Wiring

Switching your electricity back on after a flood can potentially be very dangerous so it’s always better to get them checked out by an expert first. You will find that if your property has been flooded for more than a few hours, then your downstairs will more than likely need re-wiring.

5.  Foundations

Obvious signs of structural damage include bulking or bulging of the walls or certain areas of the property as well as cracks above and around windows and doors. However, having said this the signs can take years to show up, for instance there can be subsidence which causes a building to either ‘heave’ or ‘sink’, whereby the foundations are forced upwards or downwards due to either lack of, or excess of water.

6. Floors

Floors and carpets are the first thing that will definitely be affected by the floods. Carpets will have to be removed but it is advised to keep a small section of your carpet to show for insurance purposes when placing a claim.  The area will have to be checked for water which could have seeped in underneath and laminate flooring and could possibly be swollen; the area will also need to be re-laid. The worst case scenario is for the floorboards to start rotting from the constant wet, this will need to be treated to avoid spreading.

So, if you’re experiencing problems with backed up or blocked drains and have the nightmare of trying to deal with excess water then please call on the professionals here at Wildon UK. Our drainage contractors have all the experience, equipment and knowledge in order to offer you first class drainage services, guaranteeing fast and noticeable results. Simply give us a call today to find out more.

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