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Largest Reservoirs in the World by Surface Area

Posted on September 24, 2015

There are a number of reservoirs around the world which cover a lot of area in a number of countries around the globe. Here, we take a look at which reservoirs are the largest, exactly how large they are in terms of surface area and a little more about them.

Lake Victoria

Countries: Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya

Distance from our Head Office: 4,237.58 miles

Residing mostly in Tanzania and Uganda, Lake Victoria also borders on Kenya. Also referred to as Victoria Nyanza, is it the largest lake in Africa as well as the main reservoir of the Nile river. The reservoir has a surface area of 66,400 square km; a simply vast area that is the largest of its kind around the world. The reservoir’s dam is that of Owen Falls, and its outflow is the White Nile. During the Europeans’ search for the source of the Nile, the lake was sighted for the first time over a hundred years ago, discovered to be a primary source for the great river.  


Country: Russia

Distance from our Head Office: 4,065.21 miles

The Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Station is a rock-fill dam with a hydroelectric power station attached. Situated on the Angara River, the dam is located adjacent to Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast in Russia. The first dam on the Angara cascades, the dam’s construction began in 1950 with its filling starting in 1956. In this year, the power plant was also commissioned, now functioning as a fully fledged hydroelectric power plant for use by industrial companies. With a surface area of a whopping 32,000 square km, this is the second largest reservoir in the world.

Lake Winnipeg

Country: Canada

Distance from our Head Office: 3,664.94 miles

Situated in the province of Manitoba in Canada, Winnipeg is on the Jenpeg Dam, with the Nelson River acting as its outflow. With a total surface area of 24,420 square km, the reservoir is the third-largest hydroelectric reservoir in the world.

Lake Volta

Country: Ghana

Distance from our Head Office: 3,169.28 miles

Situated in Volta, one of Ghana’s most beautiful areas, Lake Volta dominates the space with an impressive 8,500 square km surface area. Connected to the Akosombo Dam, and adjoining the Volta River for its outflow, the basin has a low population around it at present. This is on account of the soils raised exposure to the effects of excessive drying, making it less attractive for potential cultivators.

Smallwood Reservoir

Country: Canada

Distance from our Head Office: 2,438.64 miles

Located in the western part of Labrador, Canada, this reservoir is connected to multiple dams, with its outflow as the Churchill River. With a surface area of 6,527 square km, the reservoir was first evaluated for its potential as a hydroelectric station back in 1942.

These are just some of the many reservoirs the world is home to today. Though these reservoirs may be the largest in terms of surface area, some others may be considered larger still on account of their volumes, making this area of geography one that is fascinating and steeped in debate.

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