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Music Festival Guide for Bad Weather

Posted on June 6, 2016

The British weather is unpredictable at best, varying from blistering sunshine to torrential rain in a matter of hours, so it comes as no surprise that each festival season brings more stories of washed out tents and muddy fields. In 2012, dance fans were left disappointed when the weather was so bad that the Creamfields festival was cancelled on its final day after cars were pictured up to their roofs in water in the flooded car parks and tents and belongings were washed away and destroyed. While we hope that this year’s season brings sunshine, preparing for the worst is a good idea.

To help you get weather ready, the team here at Wildon UK have put together this music festival guide for bad weather.

Location, location, location

To avoid being washed out, you need to choose the right location to pitch your tent. Look for somewhere uphill, that way when it rains (which it inevitably will!) the water will run away from your tent and pool at the bottom of the hill, making life miserable for the poor campers who pitched their tent there.

Another tip is to camp away from toilets. Although you might be tempted to pitch up near the facilities in case you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, if the area starts to flood then you may be left camping in a pool of something much worse than rain water.

We’d also advise that you pitch your tent away from high traffic areas like pathways or burger stands as the ground around here will be softer and therefore more likely to turn into muddy pools when the rain comes down.

Sort your apparel

Firstly, don’t take any expensive or beloved clothes to a festival as they are likely to get muddy. If possible, buy very cheap, disposable items so that you can enjoy your time without worrying about ruining your favourite top.

Secondly, don’t neglect the importance of a good pair of wellies and a waterproof jacket. No matter how good the weather looks, the chances are you will need them – trust us, there’s nothing worse than wet feet! We’d also recommend that you take some long socks to wear under those wellies so you don’t get any painful blisters.

Finally, take two carrier bags with you. One to store your clean, dry clothes and the other to put your dirty or wet clothes in. This way, you don’t have to worry about ruining the rest of your clothes by storing your dirty ones with them!

Keep your valuables close

The last thing you want is to return to your tent after a long day in the fields to find that your flimsy, not-quite-waterproof-enough tent has sprung a leak, and your phone, camera, ipod or any other valuable is soaked and completely ruined. Keep all of your valuable items as close to you as possible. A bum bag, while not screaming fashion, is a perfect place to keep your valuables both dry and safe from thieves and pickpockets.

Dry off

Don’t forget to take a towel or two. That way you can dry yourself off and squeeze the worst of the dirty water out of your hair!

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