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Places in the UK Which are Most at Risk of Being Flooded

Posted on December 28, 2015

There are some places in the UK which are at a higher risk of flooding than others due to their geographical placement or configuration. Here, we list some of these places and explain why they are more at threat of flooding where other areas are not.

Boston and Skegness

Said to be the place most at risk of flooding across the entirety of the UK, around 7,500 homes in Boston and Skegness are at threat from potential floods each year.

Vale of Clwyd

Built up on an area of low-lying ground around the River Clwyd situated in north-east Wales, the Vale of Clwyd has experienced a number of floods over the years, and due to its positioning is at risk of them throughout the year.

Folkestone and Hythe

This seaside constituency is at risk of over 7,000 of its homes being flooded each and every year due to its proximity to the sea and its relatively low-down positioning on the land.


Due to its proximity to the Thames, Windsor is an area which is a nightmare for insurers up and down the country, as the town is rife with flooding problems.

Runnymede and Weybridge

In this southern constituency, there is a serious risk of flooding each year, with around 6,500 homes at threat annually.

Clwyd West

Clwyd West, a seaside area, is at risk of serious flooding from Colwyn Bay and other areas of water which encroach on the town itself. Around 6,000 homes are at risk from flooding within this area.


Another Welsh seaside area, Aberconwy, which includes Llandudno – the popular seaside resort – is hugely at risk from flooding each year, with a rough sea being a fairly frequent occurrence at some points during the year.

Nottingham South

This area houses around 5,000 properties which are vulnerable to potential flooding. Due to the severity of the flooding in this area, the country’s biggest inland flood defence to date was opened on the River Trent in order to guard Nottingham from the potential threat that flooding could cause.

Great Yarmouth

This is another coastal area which is at serious risk of flooding due to its proximity to the seaside on this coastline which can experience rough seas and bad weather conditions quite severely at certain points in the year.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey

With around 4,300 properties under threat from flooding each year in these areas of Kent, the problem of flooding is one that is considered a serious issue for residents of these areas.


Leeds city centre experienced dreadful flooding in December 1978, and has been victim to further flooding since on numerous occasions.

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