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Tree Roots Damage Drains and Block Pipes

Posted on December 19, 2014

Many of us recognise those all too familiar signs of a blocked drain. Loud gurgling noises, nasty smells and slow draining water. Although we may turn our backs and pretend we haven’t seen, heard or smelt it, unfortunately this will not make the problem go away. More worryingly, if you have noticed these signs in your home, then it could also mean something much more serious – tree root damage.

How and why do tree roots get into drains?

All plants and trees need three essential ingredients to survive: water, nutrients and oxygen. When warm water runs through a pipe, the vapour escapes to the nearest cool soil surrounding the pipe. The vapour usually escapes from the pipe due to a crack or fracture in the pipeline, then the roots will grow towards the vapour. Once this has been established, they will then begin to grow inside the pipe. This will then decrease the amount of carrying capacity in the drains, putting pressure on the whole system.

How do you repair the damage?

If tree roots find their way into your drainage system, they can cause stubborn blockages which can lead to structural problems and even the collapsing of pipework!

Removing the tree might seem like the obvious answer to the solution, however in the majority of cases, the damage will most likely have already been done, so the pipework will continue to leak, cause nasty smells and continue to attract roots.

The solution to the problem is either replacing the damaged drains, or re-lining them to restore the integrity and strength so they can get back to their full working order. This causes minimum disruption to your property as it doesn’t require any underground digging.

How do you unblock the drains?

With the help from a professional drainage company, like Wildon UK, we can use our skill, expertise and state-of-the art equipment to unblock any blockages and carry out any repair work.

We can use high power water jets, known as drain jetting, to flush the blockage out. This is a very effective method as water can flow around bends and totally get rid of the blockage, rather than forcing it further down the drain.  Similarly, CCTV surveying is another extremely effective way to asses the current condition and see what repairs are necessary.

Once the blockage has been cleared, it’s worth scheduling in regular cleaning maintenance. This way, you can keep on top of any problems, as and when they arise, rather than finding yourself in a messy situation, totally out of the blue!

Also, as a homeowner, you should be aware that any trees should be planted more than 10 feet away from sewer lines. Also, if you’re choosing a tree, make sure to choose a slow growing one, with less destructive roots.

Wildon UK

For efficient and reliable drain unblocking services, please contact the team at Wildon UK. With our impressive range of methods, we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

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