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Why it’s Important to Have a Proper Liquid Waste Management System

Posted on June 23, 2019

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Liquid waste covers a variety of liquids, including grease, oil, wastewater, sludge, or industrial chemicals. All these materials unmanaged and left to return to the environment untreated can cause issues that have complicated and extensive solutions. Liquid waste management is so important that countries around the world are often classified as ‘under-developed’ if they do not have a proper liquid waste system in place all over their country.

Liquid waste management is the control of sewage from either a domestic or commercial property. Having a liquid management system is as crucial as having clean drinking water in your home. If your waste isn’t managed correctly, this could lead to all sorts of environmental and health hazards. Any property that isn’t connected to a mains sewer will need some alternative way to manage sewage and liquid waste, this could include:

  • Cesspools – An underground container which temporarily holds liquid waste before it is regularly emptied by a waste disposal company.
  • Septic tank – A tank which is typically buried underground that collects and partially decomposes waste through bacterial activity. The decomposed material is then removed by the means of a soakaway. 
  • Sewage treatment plants – The most popular form of liquid waste management, sewage treatment plants mechanically break down waste before pumping over 95% of treated sewage into surrounding streams or other water areas. 

Without a proper liquid waste management system, there are an array of consequences that can affect human health and the surrounding environment – even irreversibly if left untreated.

Impact on the environment

Inappropriate handling of liquid waste can cause a massive impact on the surrounding environment and cause several types of pollution. If raw sewage gets into water, it can change the pH level of the water, killing the wildlife that inhabits it and creating the perfect breeding ground for dangerous diseases. If an ecosystem is compromised, it can have disastrous effects on our crops and farm animals, even causing the extinction of vulnerable animals and insects.  

Additionally, releasing industrial chemicals into the surrounding environment can have devastating effects. Burning the chemicals instead of properly disposing of them is a common practice in underdeveloped countries and causes issues such as acid rain and contributes to global warming as it increases the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

Impact on human health

Diseases found in contaminated water can kill people that encounter them. This includes diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid and Guinea worm disease, all of which are highly deadly, especially in underdeveloped countries where proper health care and treatment is hard to come by. It is way more hygienic to have a proper liquid waste management system installed to prevent a rapid spread of disease.


Here at Wildon UK, our team are experts in everything sewage related. We can help you fit a fully comprehensive sewage system in either a domestic or commercial property, helping you keep in line with laws and regulations. For more information on our products and services, please contact a member of our friendly team today.

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